Top 5 Reasons to Work with a Financial Advisor

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It seems that just about everyone knows a financial advisor, but for a variety of reasons, not everyone chooses to work with a financial advisor. For some do-it-yourself investors, given their particular situation, this makes perfect sense. For many other do-it-yourselfers, however, there are several very compelling reasons why working with a financial advisor can be the best path towards reaching long-term financial goals. A financial advisor can cover a wide range of monetary responsibilities, from expenditure to looking after the accounts. If you’re not entirely sure about working with one, do some research about what makes a good financial advisor. There are qualifications that they can work towards; accountants for example may take the CPA exam to fully qualify (check out the Surgent CPA Review vs Becker to see which CPA course works best) while there are plenty of other exams and qualifications to look out for. At The ETF Store, we’ve pinpointed five key reasons why investors should consider working with a financial advisor and we shared each of those reasons during our most recent radio broadcast. Listen to the full show as we go into detail on the following top five reasons to work with a financial advisor:

  1. Investing can be hard.
  2. You’re too busy to properly manage your investments.
  3. You need an investment plan.
  4. You don’t know what you’re paying for your investments.
  5. You simply can’t sleep at night worrying about your investments.

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