Tax Loss Harvesting with ETFs and the Underperformance of Mutual Funds

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On our most recent radio broadcast, we explained another timely, year-end topic – tax loss harvesting.  ETFs are an excellent investment tool to implement various strategies to take advantage of an area of the federal tax code that allows investors to use losses on investments to reduce their income and therefore, lower the amount they pay in taxes.  We explained several ways that investors can take advantage of ETFs to swap out of underperforming mutual funds or stocks and lower their tax bills at the same time.

Speaking of underperforming mutual funds, we also spent some time discussing a recent article on titled “13 Fund Managers Who Lost Among the Most Money”, which drove home the point on just how badly mutual funds are underperforming this year.  The article was full of statistics that should alarm even the most ardent mutual fund supporters including that 72% of the 261 large cap core mutual funds were underperforming their indices and a staggering 84% of large-cap growth mutual funds were underperforming.  And what’s worse for mutual fund investors is that they’re paying exorbitant fees for this underperformance.  It makes sense then, as the article pointed out, that Goldman Sachs predicts there will be $125 billion dollars in equity mutual fund redemptions, while ETFs will see $100 billion dollars in new purchases in 2012.  Why invest in expensive mutual funds that can’t deliver benchmark returns when you have low cost ETFs available that can?

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