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10 Years Older, but 10 Years Wiser

The 2010s marked the first decade since immediately prior to the Civil War that the U.S. economy didn’t suffer at least one recession.  The S&P 500 went the entire decade without experiencing a single 20% drawdown, or bear market.  That hasn’t happened in 120 years! These facts are made even more remarkable when you consider […]

Are You a Glass Half Empty or Glass Half Full Investor?

Nathan Geraci is President of The ETF Store, Inc. and host of the weekly radio show “The ETF Store Show“. A noteworthy story from the first half of 2017 was the historically low volatility in the stock market.  Considering the never-ending litany of stories on President Trump, the Federal Reserve, and concerns over North Korea, […]

Quarterly Update

Nathan Geraci is President of The ETF Store, Inc. and host of the weekly radio show “The ETF Store Show“. In last quarter’s commentary, we discussed the fallacy of predictions, highlighting the difficult year “experts” experienced in forecasting everything from the Brexit vote to the U.S. presidential election.  The conclusion was simply that nobody has […]

The ETF Store Show – Upcoming Guest Lineup

One of the “most helpful plain-English resources for investors who want to demystify exchange-traded funds” – Bloomberg BusinessWeek All guest interviews are available through our featured section “ETF Expert Corner” at etfstore.com.  Interviews typically run 10 – 15 minutes and can be played directly from your mobile device.  Full podcasts of The ETF Store Show […]

The ETF Store Launches iPortfolios

New fully automated, online investment service offers low-cost ETF portfolios The ETF Store, Inc. announced today the launch of a new online investment service offering, iPortfolios. The new service provides investors with The ETF Store’s exchange-traded fund portfolios through a fully-automated online investment platform. The firm has partnered with Sunnyvale, CA-based Upside, a technology company […]

The ETF Store Difference

FAQs on ETFs and The ETF Store