Schwab ETFs

BlackRock Raising Bar on ESG Investing?

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink recently signed two letters outlining how the company intends to help combat climate change.’s Lara Crigger explains why this latest initiative feels different than past promises.  Charles Schwab’s D.J. Tierney discusses their move to commission-free trading, recent ETF launches, and the ongoing ETF fee war.  Fundamental Income’s Alexi Panagiotakopoulos spotlights the NETLease Corporate Real Estate ETF (NETL).


Is DOL Fiduciary Rule Dead?

The DOL fiduciary rule, which would have required brokers to put clients’ best interests ahead of their own, was recently vacated.  Nate & Conor discuss the impact and how best to protect yourself as an investor.  D.J. Tierney, Managing Director & Client Portfolio Strategist at Charles Schwab Investment Management, highlights their low cost approach to ETFs and explains the importance of ETF due diligence.


Here Come the Millennials

Mike Savage, Managing Director & Portfolio Strategist at Charles Schwab, joins us in studio to discuss the unique behaviors of Millennial investors, including why Millennials view ETFs as the future building blocks of portfolios.  Nate and Jason also offer five ETFs for Millennial investors to consider.