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The Year in ETFs & 2020 ETF Predictions

ETF.com’s Dave Nadig recaps the year in ETFs and offers his 2020 predictions.  Morningstar’s Ben Johnson discusses broader trends that could impact ETFs well beyond 2020.  Astoria’s John Davi highlights the year in the financial markets and looks ahead to next year’s key investment themes.

ETF.com’s Lara Crigger Unveils 2019 ETF Predictions

ETF.com’s Lara Crigger offers predictions on ETF fees, bitcoin ETFs, marijuana ETFs, ESG, and more.

Recapping 2018 & Looking Ahead to 2019

ETF.com’s Lara Crigger unveils her 2019 ETF predictions.  Morningstar’s Ben Johnson recaps ETFs in 2018, offers a few ETF predictions of his own, and fields rapid-fire ETF questions.  iSectors’ Chuck Self discusses recent financial market action and looks ahead to next year.

ETF.com’s Matt Hougan on Rise of ETFs, 2015 ETF Predictions

Matt Hougan, CEO of ETF.com, discusses the continued rise of ETFs and his 3 ETF predictions for the remainder of 2015.