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Embrace Diversification

Nathan Geraci is President of The ETF Store, Inc. and host of ETF Prime. After limping to a 2.5% gain during the first six months of the year, the S&P 500 surged more than 7% in the third quarter to all-time highs.  Stocks posted strong gains despite global trade concerns, rising interest rates, partisan political discourse, […]

For Investors, “Home Bias” Can Lead To A Failure To Launch

The following was authored by Bill McNabb, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Vanguard. “Buy what you know.” It’s one of the adages of investing, and it has plenty of intuitive appeal. After all, the familiar seems inherently less risky. It’s no wonder that many investors heavily tilt their portfolios toward the stocks and bonds of […]

How Diversifying Can Help You Manage Market Mayhem

The following was authored by Heather Pelant, Personal Investor Strategist at BlackRock The recent market volatility, while not unexpected, has certainly been hard for any investor to digest. If you are feeling a tad queasy, you aren’t alone. It’s an apt moment to pause and remind ourselves of the importance of diversification to help your portfolio […]

Are You Really Diversified?

We explain what the weather in Miami has to do with your investment portfolio and why proper diversification is critical in today’s markets.  Simeon Hyman, Head of Investment Strategy at ProShares, also discusses the importance of alternative investments and spotlights several ProShares ETFs.

Does Diversification Still Work?

Nathan Geraci is President of The ETF Store, Inc. and host of the weekly radio show “The ETF Store Show“. With the S&P 500 index up over 27% year-to-date and smaller cap stocks logging even larger gains, 2013 has been one of the more exciting years on record for investors in US stocks.  However, investors holding […]

A Handful of ETFs, a Boatload of Diversification