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Brandometry’s Tony Wenzel Explains Index Behind BVAL

Tony Wenzel, Co-Founder & President of Brandometry, explains the index underlying the Brand Value ETF (BVAL).

ETF Flows, Launches, & Fee Wars

ETF.com’s Drew Voros highlights January ETF flows and offers perspective on the slower pace of ETF launches.  FactSet’s Elisabeth Kashner recaps Inside ETFs and goes in-depth on the ETF fee landscape. Brandometry’s Tony Wenzel explains the index underlying the Brand Value ETF (BVAL).

Does Active Share Matter in Fund Selection?

The New York Attorney General recently announced 13 mutual fund companies agreed to report active share to retail investors.  Nate & Jason discuss potential implications and highlight new research on this metric’s usefulness to investors.  ETF.com’s Dave Nadig offers key takeaways from Greenwich Associates’ latest ETF survey of institutional investors.  Larry Medin, Founder & CEO of Brandometry spotlights the […]

Brandometry’s Larry Medin Explains Index Behind Brand Value ETF

Larry Medin, Founder & CEO of Brandometry, spotlights the index behind the Brand Value ETF (BVAL) and explains the rationale for investing in undervalued company brands.