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What To Do When Financial News Headlines Jump Out at You

The following was authored by Heather Pelant, Personal Investor Strategist at BlackRock I’ve written about how my aunt calls me when the markets worry her. Needless to say, she’s been calling a lot. Rising interest rates. Sinking oil prices. A strong dollar and weak earnings. Greece, China and Puerto Rico. The news headlines make hay of these swings, and investor emotions can ride along with the dramatic stories. The stock market will spike one day, you feel optimistic and invest, then the market drops back down the next day. Earlier this year, we talked about how the markets would seem more volatile than


The ETF Store Show Moves to New Time, Now Simulcast on 99.3FM

We are excited to announce that, beginning August 4th, The ETF Store Show will air from 3 – 4pm CST every Tuesday.  Previously, the show aired from 9 – 10am CST on Tuesdays.  Union Broadcasting, Inc., which owns and operates ESPN 1510AM, recently purchased 99.3FM.  All ESPN 1510AM programming, including our show, will now be simulcast on the new 99.3FM.  This will offer expanded geographical coverage in the Kansas City region, broadening the existing footprint of ESPN 1510AM.  Along with these changes, the programming schedule for ESPN 1510AM is expanding with the addition of several new national shows. The ETF


4 Things I’ve Learned From The ETF Store Show

Nathan Geraci is President of The ETF Store, Inc. and host of the weekly radio show “The ETF Store Show“. Nearly three years ago, we launched The ETF Store Show with the hope of providing an entertaining way to help educate investors on Exchange Traded Funds.  I always tell the story of walking into a local coffee shop back then and taking an informal poll on who had heard of ETFs and their potential benefits.  I might have been lucky to see one or two hands raised.  The sole reason we created The ETF Store Show was to help close this


ETFs Provide Investors with Options

Nathan Geraci is President of The ETF Store, Inc. and host of the weekly radio show “The ETF Store Show“. Much has been written about the remarkable growth of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), along with their potential benefits.  Lower costs, tax efficiency, and transparency are just a few of the possible advantages of using ETFs in your investment portfolio.  However, a benefit that is sometimes overlooked is the simple fact that ETFs provide you with options. Consider a relatively moderate investor in the 1990s.  Back then, a well-diversified portfolio might have been comprised of 60% stocks and 40% bonds, the bulk


Is Your Advisor Working For You or Themselves?

Nathan Geraci is President of The ETF Store, Inc. and host of the weekly radio show “The ETF Store Show“. If you work with a financial advisor, you might be surprised to learn they may not have a legal obligation to place your interests ahead of their own.  Let me repeat that.  Your financial advisor may not have to act in your best interests! As it turns out, many “financial advisors” are simply brokers who get paid commissions based on the investments they recommend to you.  These brokers can legally steer you into expensive investments that pay them big dollars, but


Q&A with ETF Store President Nate Geraci

ETF Store President Nate Geraci recently sat down for a wide-ranging interview with ETF Reference’s Editor in Chief Andy Hagans to discuss the changing investment advisory landscape, ETFs, and robo-advisors. Read the full interview here.


The ETF Store Launches iPortfolios

New fully automated, online investment service offers low-cost ETF portfolios The ETF Store, Inc. announced today the launch of a new online investment service offering, iPortfolios. The new service provides investors with The ETF Store’s exchange-traded fund portfolios through a fully-automated online investment platform. The firm has partnered with Sunnyvale, CA-based Upside, a technology company recently acquired by Envestnet, Inc., providing digital advice solutions to investment advisors. “Not every investor needs or wants a full-service relationship with a financial advisor,” said Nathan Geraci, President of The ETF Store. “We created iPortfolios to better serve clients who may be new to


WisdomTree: How to Invest in European Equities in 2015

The following was written by Jeremy Schwartz, Director of Research at WisdomTree. Listen to Jeremy’s most recent interview on “The ETF Store Show” here. Europe has been one of the most exciting equity markets in 2015. With the S&P 500 Index up 2.30% through February 17, 2015, euro-area stocks in local currency1 are up 10.32% 2. It’s important to note that these same stocks in U.S. dollar terms are only up 3.92%3, due to the significant depreciation of the euro that we’ve witnessed. It’s precisely this difference that has created a desire among investors to own euro-area equities4 without layering


Recapping 2014 & Looking Ahead to 2015

Nathan Geraci is President of The ETF Store, Inc. and host of the weekly radio show “The ETF Store Show“. Heading into 2014, most market prognosticators confidently expected interest rates to rise and stocks to struggle eking out low single-digit gains.  After all, with lofty 30%+ returns from U.S. stocks in 2013, valuations were surely stretched and the Federal Reserve was removing the fuel (quantitative easing) responsible for igniting a spectacular rally the past several years.  This combination of rich valuations and Fed tapering was projected to, at a minimum, lead to an uphill battle for both stocks and bonds (remember,