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ETFs to Help Combat the Impact of the Fed’s Policies on Your Portfolio

January 30th, 2012 by ETF Store Staff

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On our most recent radio show, we discussed the latest actions taken by the Federal Reserve and more importantly, how those actions can impact your investment portfolio.  In many ways, the Fed is making it harder than ever on investors by creating two real problems that can be difficult to combat.  The first problem is that the Fed’s low interest rate policy penalizes savers and people who depend upon income from their portfolios to live.  The second issue is that the types of actions the Fed is currently undertaking have historically led to inflation.  So, the real question is how do you position your portfolio in this type of environment?

The good news is that ETFs can help you solve these issues.  There are a number of excellent ETF options that can help you generate income in your portfolio, protect against the devastating impact of inflation, or in some cases – do both.

Listen to the full show here to learn about some of the ETF options that can help you protect your portfolio from the Fed’s policies.