ETF Store Show Recap – 10/22/11

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On our most recent radio show, we concluded our series of case studies on how we believe individuals at different stages of their lives should be approaching investing and planning for retirement.  For our last case study, we focused specifically on those individuals just getting started out in their careers who need to begin the process of building wealth and investing for their future.  ETFs can be the perfect investment for these individuals because of the ease in which you can build a well-rounded portfolio with only a handful of ETFs.

For many individuals just starting out, the process of beginning to build a nest egg and planning for retirement can be a daunting task, so we explained how ETFs can actually make this process easier and less stressful.  When you consider the low cost structure of ETFs, the transparency of ETFs, and the ability to build highly diversified portfolios, it becomes clear why The ETF Store believes they’re the best way to approach retirement rather than with more expensive actively managed mutual funds where you don’t always know exactly what you’re holding and where you may be at the mercy of an underperforming fund manager.

Listen to the full show here.