ETF Prime CEO Dave Nadig Looks Ahead to ETFs in 2018   |   December 19th, 2017 CEO Dave Nadig recaps ETFs in 2017 and offers several ETF predictions for 2018.  Dan Ahrens, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer at AdvisorShares, spotlights the recently launched AdvisorShares Vice ETF (ACT) and discusses the burgeoning marijuana industry.  Nate & Conor summarize the year in the financial markets.

Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas Recaps Year in ETFs   |   December 12th, 2017

Eric Balchunas, Senior ETF Analyst at Bloomberg, recaps the year that was in ETFs and looks ahead to 2018.  Phil Bak, CEO of Exponential ETFs, spotlights the Reverse Cap Weighted U.S. Large Cap ETF (RVRS).  Nate & Jason discuss bitcoin’s wild ride.

OppenheimerFunds’ Dave Mazza Discusses Smart Beta ETFs   |   December 5th, 2017

Dave Mazza, Head of ETF Investment Strategy at OppenheimerFunds, offers perspective on the growing smart beta ETF category, including highlighting Oppenheimer’s revenue weighted and factor-based approach to investing.  Nate & Conor discuss Vanguard’s move into active ETFs and provide an update on the DOL fiduciary rule.

Bitcoin Roundtable with Jack Tatar, Co-Author of “Cryptoassets”   |   November 28th, 2017

Jack Tatar, Co-Author of Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond, goes in-depth on bitcoin including its history, naysayers, portfolio applications, and ETFs.  Nate, Conor, & Jason discuss four key themes propelling bitcoin’s rise and provide an update on potential bitcoin and blockchain ETFs.

Powering the Future with Solar Energy   |   November 21st, 2017

Nate & Jason offer perspective on the solar energy landscape, including potential investment implications extending beyond the specific sector.  Troy Helming, Founder & CEO of Pristine Sun, goes in-depth on solar power, explaining several real world applications and innovative technologies proliferating in the space.  Bill Belden, Head of ETF Business Development at Guggenheim, spotlights the Guggenheim Solar ETF (TAN).

ETFs vs Mutual Funds: Why Tax Efficiency Matters   |   November 14th, 2017

The impact of taxes on investment returns is often overlooked.  Nate & Conor explain key differences in the tax efficiency of ETFs versus mutual funds.  Ethan Powell, Founder & President of Impact Shares, highlights the first ever non-profit ETF platform and offers his perspective on the current ESG ETF landscape.

WSJ vs. Morningstar: The Issue with Star Rankings   |   October 31st, 2017

A recent Wall Street Journal article, “The Morningstar Mirage” questioned the usefulness of Morningstar’s popular star rating system for mutual funds.  Nate & Conor go in-depth on this topic, explaining why a lack of consistency in mutual fund manager performance is at the heart of the issue.  Steven Schoenfeld, Founder & Chief Investment Officer of BlueStar Indexes, spotlights the BlueStar TA-BIGITech Israel Technology ETF (ITEQ) and describes Israel’s vibrant tech ecosystem.

Head of U.S. iShares Goes In-Depth on ETF Growth   |   October 24th, 2017

Martin Small, Head of U.S. iShares, goes in-depth on continued record ETF growth, explaining key drivers and potential implications.  Nate & Jason discuss last week’s ETF fee cuts from StateStreet and spotlight the recently launched iShares Russell 1000 Pure U.S. Revenue ETF (AMCA).

PowerShares’ Jason Bloom on the Role of Commodities   |   October 17th, 2017

The role of commodities in a portfolio is the subject of intense debate among investors.  Jason Bloom, Global Market Strategist at PowerShares, offers his perspective on the value of owning commodities and highlights two broad-based commodity ETFs.  Nate & Conor also preview the upcoming guest lineup on the show and explain some interesting parallels between bitcoin and ETFs.

The Importance of Saving   |   October 10th, 2017

Investment returns garner headlines, but saving money can carry far greater importance to long-term financial success.  Nate & Conor detail the surprising numbers crunched by Pension Partner’s Charlie Bilello and explain how saving money is one of the few things investors can control.  Also, Dave Wahl, Senior Portfolio Specialist at Rare Infrastructure, spotlights the Legg Mason Global Infrastructure ETF (INFR).

Essential Asset ETFs with Tortoise’s Jeremy Goff   |   October 3rd, 2017

Jeremy Goff, Director of Strategic Development at Tortoise, joins us in studio to explain investing in essential assets, including through the Tortoise North American Pipeline ETF (TPYP) and the Tortoise Water Fund (TBLU).  Nate & Jason discuss year-to-date global stock market returns and spotlight the Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF (LIT).

ETF State of the Union with Vanguard’s Rich Powers   |   September 26th, 2017

Rich Powers, Head of ETF Product Management at Vanguard, offers an ETF “State of the Union”, discussing everything from smart beta and active ETFs to record ETF inflows and fee competition. Also, Nate & Conor highlight a recent ETF investor survey from Charles Schwab and explain the single biggest challenge facing the Federal Reserve.

Rising Rates? How to Protect Your Bond Portfolio   |   September 19th, 2017

Interest rates and bond prices move in opposite directions.  Bryce Doty, Senior Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager at Sit Investment Associates, explains why the Federal Reserve’s unwinding of their balance sheet could cause rates to rise more than anticipated, making a hedge such as the Sit Rising Rate ETF (RISE) a valuable component in a bond portfolio.  Joe Barrato, CEO of Arrow Investment Advisors, spotlights the Arrow Reserve Capital Management ETF (ARCM), a higher-yielding alternative to money market funds and another option for investors concerned about rising rates.

Nothing Stirs Investor Passion Like Bitcoin & Gold   |   September 12th, 2017

Ari Paul, cryptocurrency expert and Co-Founder of BlockTower Capital, offers his perspective on bitcoin, the technology underlying it, and whether it should be owned in an investment portfolio.  George Milling-Stanley, Head of Gold Strategy at State Street Global Advisors, explains where gold derives its intrinsic value and how he views it in the context of a portfolio.  Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S. Global, spotlights the recently launched U.S. Global GO GOLD and Precious Metal Miners ETF (GOAU).

Best of The ETF Store Show: Robotics ETFs   |   September 5th, 2017

Global X’s Jay Jacobs explains thematic investing and spotlights the Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF (BOTZ), ROBO Global’s Chris Buck explains the index behind the ROBO Global Robotics and Automation Index ETF (ROBO), and Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood highlights the ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) and the ARK Web X.0 ETF (ARKW).

Bitcoin Explained   |   August 29th, 2017

After discussing potential bitcoin ETFs on last week’s show, Nate & Jason expand on bitcoin, explaining what it is, why it’s gaining traction, and how it compares to gold.  Bryce Tillery, CEO of Eve Capital, spotlights The WEAR ETF (WEAR) and discusses the intriguing potential of the wearable technology space.

Geopolitics, Valuations, Trump – Making Sense of Global Stocks   |   August 15th, 2017

Has a mix of geopolitical tensions, U.S. stock valuation concerns, and an uncertain path for President Trump’s economic agenda created anxiety?  Nate & Jason offer historical perspective and discuss how you can potentially stack the investment odds in your favor.  Jeremy Schwartz, Director of Research at WisdomTree, goes in-depth on global stock valuations and highlights several WisdomTree ETFs.

The Mother of All Trends   |   August 8th, 2017

Bloomberg ETF Analyst Eric Balchunas has called the shift to low-cost investments the “mother of all trends” in investing.  Nate & Conor offer perspective and explain why this trend has helped fuel the growth of ETFs, which recently surpassed $3 trillion in assets.  Phil Bak, CEO of Exponential ETFs, spotlights the Brand Value ETF (BVAL) and MarketGrader’s Carlos Diez & Brady Lipp explain the Barron’s 400 ETF (BFOR).

Disruptive Innovation   |   August 1st, 2017

Bond ETFs recently turned fifteen years old.  Nate & Conor explain how, while bonds may not be the most exciting aspect of your portfolio, ETFs have completely disrupted the status quo of investing in them.  Cathie Wood, Founder & CEO of ARK Invest, spotlights the ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK) and the ARK Web x.0 ETF (ARKW), and offers her perspective on Bitcoin, Amazon, and Tesla.

Can the Color Red Alter Your Investment Behavior?   |   July 25th, 2017

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted research showing that the color red can actually alter your investment outlook.  Nate & Conor explain how this is yet another example of ingrained behaviors and biases potentially impacting your investment returns.  Greg King, Founder & CEO of Rex Shares, spotlights one of the top performing ETFs year-to-date, the Rex VolMaxx Short VIX Weekly Futures Strategy ETF (VMIN), and discusses the need for education around VIX-related ETFs.

Are ETFs the Tail Wagging the Stock Market Dog?   |   July 18th, 2017

With ETFs raking-in billions of dollars in new investor money, some are asking whether ETFs are now driving the stock market versus the other way around.  Nate & Jason explore whether ETFs are really “the tail wagging the dog”.  Will Rhind, Founder & CEO of GraniteShares, spotlights two recently launched commodity ETFs, including the lowest cost, broad-based commodity ETF on the market.

Socially Responsible Investing: Gender Diversity   |   July 11th, 2017

More investors are placing an emphasis on socially responsible investing, including investing in companies where gender diversity matters.  Nate & Jason explore the issue of gender inequality in corporate America and discuss how some investment companies are looking to alter the landscape.  Matt Bartolini, Head of SPDR Americas Research at State Street Global Advisors, spotlights the SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETF (SHE) and offers his perspective on how to invest in a socially responsible manner.

Where Will Mutual Fund Outperformance Come From?   |   June 27th, 2017

With the latest actively managed mutual fund performance data showing no signs of improvement, Nate & Jason attempt to re-frame the active versus passive debate: “Where is alpha (outperformance) going to come from moving forward?”  Also, Brad Lamensdorf, Founder & President of Active Alts, explains the concept of a “short squeeze” and spotlights the Active Alts Contrarian ETF (SQZZ).

ESG Investing in Focus   |   June 20th, 2017

Environmental, social, & governance (ESG) investing continues to grow in popularity.  Nate & Conor explain the rationale for investing in companies scoring high in ESG factors and touch on the current ESG ETF landscape.  Also,’s Dave Nadig discusses new MSCI ESG data to evaluate ETFs and VanEck’s Bill Sokol spotlights the VanEck Vectors Green Bond ETF (GRNB).

Thematic ETFs: Separating Fads from Long-Term Trends   |   June 13th, 2017

Thematic ETFs, which typically provide exposure to narrower, evolving segments of the stock market, have their proponents and detractors.  Nate & Conor discuss both sides of the debate and explain several key considerations when investing in thematic ETFs.  Jay Jacobs, Director of Research at Global X, offers his perspective on thematic investing and spotlights several Global X thematic ETFs (BOTZ, SOCL, & PAVE).

DOL Fiduciary Rule Update, Bitcoin, & the Rise of Robotics   |   June 6th, 2017

The long-awaited DOL fiduciary rule, which requires brokers to put clients’ best interest first when providing investment advice on retirement accounts, takes partial effect on June 9th.  Nate & Conor explain why the rule is needed and how it is already impacting the investment landscape.  Nate & Conor also discuss the skyrocketing price of bitcoin and the potential for a bitcoin ETF.  Chris Buck, Head of Capital Markets & Sales at ROBO Global, spotlights the index behind the ROBO Global Robotics and Automation Index ETF (ROBO).

Best of The ETF Store Show   |   May 30th, 2017

We revisit some of our favorite recent segments including why we believe ETFs should be thought of as a new technology, our take on ETFs being referred to as weapons of mass destruction, our rant against Jim Cramer’s anti-ETF rant, and a deep-dive into the “world’s cheapest ETF portfolio”.

ETFs in Focus: Best Trading Practices, Capitalizing on Industry Growth   |   May 23rd, 2017

Phil Mackintosh, Head of Trading Strategy & Analysis at KCG, discusses best ETF trading practices and explains key considerations when evaluating ETF liquidity.  Also, Mike Venuto, Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Toroso Investments, spotlights the index behind the recently launched ETF Industry Exposure & Financial Services ETF (TETF) and offers his outlook on the rapidly growing ETF space.

World Gold Council’s Juan Carlos Artigas on Current Gold Market, Demand Trends   |   May 16th, 2017

Juan Carlos Artigas, Director of Investment Research at the World Gold Council, offers perspective on the current gold market, the latest gold demand trends, and potential drivers of gold moving forward.  Nate & Conor discuss the recent low volatility in the stock market and spotlight the SPDR Long Dollar Gold Trust (GLDW).

ETFs are WMDs? For Active Mutual Funds, Yes.   |   May 9th, 2017

As investors continue pouring billions of dollars into ETFs, some are making ETFs a scapegoat for anything that has gone or may go wrong with the financial markets – including one active mutual fund manager who called ETFs “weapons of mass destruction”.  Nate and Conor address these ETF naysayers and remind investors to consider the messengers.  Jack Vogel, CFO & Co-Chief Investment Officer at Alpha Architect, discusses the problem of closet indexing and spotlights the recently launched Alpha Architect Value Momentum Trend ETF (VMOT).

The Challenge of Investing in Today’s Bond Market   |   May 2nd, 2017

With interest rates remaining low and an uncertain economic outlook moving forward, Nate & Jason offer perspective on confronting the challenge of investing in today’s bond market.  Matt Tucker, Head of iShares Fixed Income Strategy, explains three common mistakes investors make with their bond portfolios and spotlights several iShares bond ETFs.

ETFs Simply a Better “Technology”?   |   April 25th, 2017

Recently, Inside ETFs CEO Matt Hougan referred to ETFs as a new technology.  Nate & Jason expand on this concept, explaining how new technologies typically have a way of delivering a better experience at a lower cost – which likely explains the billions of investor dollars pouring into ETFs.  Bill Belden, Managing Director at Guggenheim, highlights the BulletShares lineup of ETFs and offers his perspective on the current interest rate/credit environment.

Emerging Market Stocks Stage a Comeback   |   April 18th, 2017

After years of underperformance, emerging market stocks have begun surging ahead.  Nate & Conor explain several of the key drivers of this recent outperformance, along with the rationale for owning a longer-term allocation to emerging market stocks in a portfolio.  Kevin Carter, CEO of Big Tree Capital, offers his perspective on emerging markets and spotlights the Emerging Markets Internet & Ecommerce ETF (EMQQ).

World’s Cheapest ETF Portfolio   |   April 11th, 2017

Nate & Conor discuss’s “World’s Cheapest ETF Portfolio“, which offers exposure to six major asset classes for the cost of a Starbucks latte.  David Varadi, Director of Research at Blue Sky Asset Management, spotlights the QuantX suite of ETFs and explains the concept of “smarter beta”.

Why Jim Cramer’s Anti-ETF Take is Wrong   |   April 4th, 2017

CNBC’s Jim Cramer recently ranted against ETFs on his stock picking show, Mad Money.  Nate & Conor explain why this type of messaging from the mainstream financial media is not only misguided, but irresponsible.  Conor Platt, Co-Founder & CEO of Etho Capital, spotlights the Etho Climate Leadership U.S. ETF (ETHO) and discusses the growing appeal of socially responsible investing.

The Paradox of Skill   |   March 28th, 2017

Nate & Jason discuss an excellent Abnormal Returns piece on bracketology, active management, and the paradox of skill.  John Feyerer, V.P. Equity ETF Product Strategy at PowerShares, goes in-depth on smart beta, including spotlighting several popular PowerShares ETFs.

Revisiting Active Manager Underperformance   |   March 14th, 2017

With hard data easily accessible to every investor, the active versus passive management debate has, in many ways, been put to rest.  Nate & Conor revisit some of the most recent data in an attempt to see if anything has changed.  Christian Magoon, CEO of Amplify ETFs, spotlights the Amplify YieldShares CWP Dividend & Option Income ETF (DIVO).

Investing in Precious Metals Using ETFs   |   March 7th, 2017

Investing in precious metals has never been easier with the growth of ETFs.  Nate & Conor discuss the basics of owning precious metals in a portfolio and explain why precious metal ETFs are a compelling option.  Maxwell Gold, Director of Investment Strategy at ETF Securities, surveys the current precious metals landscape and offers his perspective on why owning precious metals can make sense.

Proposed Bitcoin & Marijuana ETFs Generate Intrigue, Controversy   |   February 28th, 2017

Two proposed ETFs, the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust and the Emerging AgroSphere ETF, are currently in registration with the Securities & Exchange Commission.  Nate and Jason explain the backstories behind these ETFs and offer some perspective on their potential investment merit.  Maz Jadallah, CEO & Founder of AlphaClone, spotlights the AlphaClone International ETF and discusses the concept of “active indexing”.

Biotech Expert Brad Loncar Discusses Sector, ETFs   |   February 21st, 2017

Biotech industry expert Brad Loncar discusses his approach to investing in biotech stocks and key current drivers in the sector.  Brad also offers his perspective on broad-based biotech ETFs and explains the index behind the Loncar Cancer Immunotherapy ETF (CNCR).  Nate & Jason spotlight the First Trust NYSE Arca Biotechnology Index Fund (FBT).

Vanguard’s Rich Powers Talks Low Cost ETFs, ETF Growth   |   February 7th, 2017

Rich Powers, Head of ETF Product Management at Vanguard, explains Vanguard’s low cost positioning in ETFs, offers his perspective on ETF growth, and spotlights two popular Vanguard ETFs. Also, Nate & Conor discuss the latest surrounding the DOL fiduciary rule and its impact on ETFs.

Recapping World’s Largest ETF Conference   |   January 31st, 2017

Nate & Conor recap last week’s Inside ETFs conference, offering key takeaways and insights.  We also talk Dow 20k and spotlight the NuShares Enhanced Yield U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF (NUAG).

Using ETFs for Satellite Holdings   |   January 17th, 2017

With nearly 2,000 ETFs to choose from, finding the right ETFs for your investment portfolio has become increasingly difficult – particularly if you wish to own smaller, satellite holdings.  Nate & Conor offer some tips on how to sort through the vast array of options and steer clear of ETF “landmines”.  Also, Andrew Chanin, CEO of PureFunds, spotlights the PureFunds Solactive FinTech ETF (FINQ) and the PureFunds ETFx HealthTech ETF (IMED). CEO Dave Nadig Recaps ETFs in 2016, Looks Ahead to 2017   |   January 10th, 2017

Dave Nadig, CEO of, offers his perspective on another record-breaking year for ETFs and expands on several of’s 2017 ETF predictions.  Nate and Jason also explain the rise of bitcoin and spotlight the top performing ETF of 2016.

2017 Key Market Themes   |   January 3rd, 2017

To kick off the new year, Nate & Jason set the table for the show over the next several months and also discuss key market themes to watch for in 2017.  Kevin Quigg, Chief Strategist at ACSI Funds, spotlights the American Customer Satisfaction Core Alpha ETF (ACSI), which seeks to overweight exposure to companies with the most satisfied customers.