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ESG & Extraterrestrial Investing’s Lara Crigger offers an overview of the clean energy ETF landscape, including explaining recent performance drivers.  ProcureAM’s Andrew Chanin discusses the investment case for the Procure Space ETF (UFO) and fields rapid-fire ETF questions.  Change Finance’s Andrew Rodriguez spotlights their U.S. Large Cap Fossil Fuel Free ETF (CHGX) and responds to common ESG rebuttals.

Vanguard’s Rich Powers on Record Bond ETF Flows, ESG

Vanguard’s Rich Powers discusses record bond ETF flows, the Vanguard ESG U.S. Corporate Bond ETF (VCEB), and their active factor ETFs.’s Heather Bell highlights several recent ETF launches, along with a filing from Fidelity to offer their Magellan Fund in a non-transparent wrapper.  Water Island Capital’s Eric Becker explains the strategy underpinning the AltShares Merger Arbitrage ETF (ARB).

Housing Boom Propelling Homebuilder ETFs’s Sumit Roy explains how the residential housing boom is propelling several ETFs.  John Hancock’s Steve Deroian highlights their multifactor ETF lineup, which includes a partnership with Dimensional Fund Advisors and recently celebrated its 5-year anniversary.  Vident Financial’s Vince Birley discusses their principles-based approach to investing and fast-growing ETF sub-advisory business.

ETF Competition, Fallen Angels, & Market Armor contributor Jillian DelSignore discusses the benefits and challenges of cutthroat ETF competition and explains the recipe for ETF success.  VanEck’s Fran Rodilosso goes in-depth on the “fallen angel” bond market and the VanEck Vectors Fallen Angel High Yield Bond ETF (ANGL).  Armor Index ETFs’ Jim Colquitt spotlights the strategy underlying the Armor U.S. Equity Index ETF (ARMR).