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ETFs for Rising Rates & Inflation

ETF Trends’ Todd Rosenbluth explains where advisors are seeking income given inflation concerns.  iShares’ Sarah Kjellberg and MSCI’s Guillermo Cano discuss the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on ESG ratings and the energy transition.  FolioBeyond’s Dean Smith spotlights their Rising Rates ETF (RISR) and offers perspective on current fixed income markets.

Financial Markets & ETFs: What Advisors & Investors Are Doing

ETF Trends’ Tom Lydon discusses the results of a recent advisor survey on the financial markets and managing client portfolios.  Nasdaq’s Giang Bui dives into another new survey on how “ETPs are empowering the next generation of investors”.  Kelly ETFs’ CEO Kevin Kelly spotlights their recently launched ETF lineup including the Kelly Residential & Apartment Real Estate ETF (RESI).