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Top 10 ETFs in Year-Over-Year Engagement Growth

ETF Trends’ and ETF Database’s Tom Hendrickson highlights the top 10 ETFs experiencing year-over-year engagement growth on their platform.  CFRA’s Todd Rosenbluth offers perspective on record ETF flows, new launches, bitcoin ETFs, and more.  US Global’s Frank Holmes discusses the state of the global airline industry and the US Global JETS ETF (JETS).

Investing Legend Burton Malkiel on ESG, Meme Stocks, Crypto, & More

Burton Malkiel discusses a range of topics including the rise of indexing, ESG, meme stocks, crypto, and more.  ETF Trends’ Lara Crigger delves into ESG ETF flows and performance, along with the environmental impact of bitcoin mining.  Avantis consultant Sunil Wahal explains the “financial science” behind their investment approach.