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The ESG Debate   |   November 19th, 2019

Nate Geraci and’s Lara Crigger debate the merits of ESG investing.  Lara also highlights recent flows into ESG ETFs and explains green bonds.  YCharts CEO Sean Brown discusses the importance of ETF due diligence and tools available to help.

Live from JP Morgan’s ETF Symposium   |   November 12th, 2019

JP Morgan’s 2019 ETF Symposium recently took place in New York City.  Nate Geraci and’s Dave Nadig sit down with JP Morgan’s Jillian DelSignore, Ben Mandel, Steve Kaplan, and Yasmin Dahya-Bilger to cover everything from their ETF business to long-term capital market assumptions to the use of artificial intelligence in investing.

Stocks at Record Highs, but Investors Flocking to Bond ETFs   |   November 5th, 2019’s Dave Nadig highlights the record flows into bond ETFs and discusses some of the biggest challenges in fixed income investing. Northern Trust’s Brad Camden talks high yield bonds, including the FlexShares High Yield Value Scored Bond Index Fund (HYGV).  Innovation Shares’ Matt Markiewicz goes in-depth on cannabis stocks and The Cannabis ETF (THCX).

The Path Forward for a Bitcoin ETF   |   October 29th, 2019

VanEck’s Gabor Gurbacs and Bitwise’s Matt Hougan go in-depth on the SEC’s concerns with a bitcoin ETF and offer perspective on the current bitcoin market.’s Dave Nadig discusses Tesla’s earnings and ETFs, ETF issuers selling performance, and the potential for fractional shares at Charles Schwab.

New ETF Launches, the Future of ETFs, & Spotlighting an Esports ETF   |   October 22nd, 2019’s Drew Voros highlights several recent ETF launches and discusses the path to success for smaller ETF issuers.  ETF industry veteran Bob Tull offers perspective on the year’s biggest ETF stories and looks ahead to the future of ETFs.  Roundhill Investments’ Will Hershey explains the investment case for Esports and video games.