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Podcasts of ETF Prime are available on iTunesGoogle Play, Stitcher Radio, and several other podcasting sites. Guest interviews can be accessed by visiting our ETF Expert Corner. ETF Prime airs every Tuesday at 3pm CST on ESPN 1510AM | 94.5FM in Kansas City and you can listen live online at or TuneIn Radio.  Learn how to make ETFs a part of your investment portfolio as we spotlight individual ETFs and interview experts from all across the country. Featured in national publications such as Money Magazine and Bloomberg, ETF Prime can help put you on the path towards financial success!

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Next ETF Growth Frontiers? ESG & Active ETFs in Focus   |   May 22nd, 2018‘s Lara Crigger offers perspective on the current ESG ETF landscape, along with potential drivers of future growth.  Dodd Kittsley, Director at Davis Advisors, spotlights their suite of actively managed ETFs and discusses what’s next for the active ETF space as a whole.  Todd Rosenbluth, Director of ETF & Mutual Fund Research at CFRA, fields a wide range of ETF questions, including on both ESG and active ETFs.

Gold, Bitcoin, & Blockchain   |   May 8th, 2018’s Dave Nadig explains the drivers behind recent strong inflows into gold ETFs.  Nate & Jason discuss bitcoin and the prospects for bitcoin ETFs.  Matt Markiewicz, Managing Director at Innovation Shares, spotlights their NextGen Protocol ETF (KOIN) and offers the investment case for blockchain technology.

Rating ETFs: Pros, Cons, & Challenges For the Industry   |   May 1st, 2018

Nate, Conor, & Jason debate whether standardized ETF ratings are needed and highlight several rating options currently available to investors.’s Lara Crigger goes in-depth on marijuana ETFs.  Ben Phillips, CIO at EventShares, spotlights the U.S. Policy Alpha ETF (PLCY).

Does Active Share Matter in Fund Selection?   |   April 24th, 2018

The New York Attorney General recently announced 13 mutual fund companies agreed to report active share to retail investors.  Nate & Jason discuss potential implications and highlight new research on this metric’s usefulness to investors.’s Dave Nadig offers key takeaways from Greenwich Associates’ latest ETF survey of institutional investors.  Larry Medin, Founder & CEO of Brandometry spotlights the index behind the Brand Value ETF (BVAL).