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From Pot to UFOs, Thematic ETFs in Focus   |   July 16th, 2019’s Lara Crigger offers the latest surrounding marijuana ETFs, including the recently launched Innovation Shares Cannabis ETF (THCX).  Toroso Investments’ Michael Venuto highlights partnerships with SoFi and Amplify ETFs, and also fields rapid-fire ETF questions.  ProcureAM’s Andrew Chanin goes in-depth on the Procure Space ETF (UFO) and the case for investing in space.

Bitcoin ETF Debate, Libra, & More   |   July 10th, 2019

An in-depth debate on the merits of a bitcoin ETF with Bitwise’s Matt Hougan and crypto expert Tyrone Ross.  Also,’s Dave Nadig explains the similarities between Facebook’s Libra and an ETF.

Midyear ETF Check-in   |   July 2nd, 2019

CFRA’s Todd Rosenbluth and’s Dave Nadig recap ETFs so far in 2019 and look ahead to the remainder of the year.  Direxion’s Dave Mazza spotlights their suite of Relative Weight ETFs.’s Dave Nadig on Gold’s Recent Surge, Gold ETFs   |   June 25th, 2019’s Dave Nadig explains potential drivers of gold’s recent price surge and offers perspective on the physical gold ETF landscape.  ETF Action’s Mike Akins describes their new ETF research platform and fields rapid-fire ETF questions.  Quadratic Capital’s Nancy Davis spotlights the recently launched Interest Rate Volatility & Inflation Hedge ETF (IVOL).

Can Value Investing Stage a Comeback?   |   June 18th, 2019

Some are proclaiming the death of value investing.  Acquirers Funds’ Tobias Carlisle explains why value investing is primed for a comeback and how his recently launched deep value ETF can take advantage.’s Drew Voros discusses the rush of investor dollars into low volatility ETFs.  Whitford Asset Management’s Dom Catrambone spotlights the Volshares Large Cap ETF (VSL).