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Single Stock ETFs: How, Why, & What’s Next

VettaFi’s Lara Crigger explains why the SEC allowed leveraged and inverse single stock ETFs and discusses the future of this nascent category.  Phil Huber, Author of “The Allocator’s Edge” and CIO at Savant Wealth, goes in-depth on alternative assets.  Blue Horizon’s Tim Johnston spotlights the Blue Horizon New Energy Economy 100 Index ETF (BNE).

Single Stock ETFs, Factor Investing, & Short Bitcoin Exposure

VettaFi’s Dave Nadig offers his take on the SEC approving leveraged and inverse single stock ETFs.  BlackRock’s Bob Hum and MSCI’s Hitendra Varsani discuss the relevance of factor investing given the global macro backdrop, specifically focusing on value and minimum volatility.  ProShares’ Simeon Hyman spotlights their recently launched Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITI).