ETF Prime – Upcoming Guest Lineup

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July 2nd – Dave Mazza, Head of Product at Direxion, explains the goal of a “pairs trade” and highlights their suite of relative weight ETFs.  Todd Rosenbluth, Senior Director of ETF & Mutual Fund Research at CFRA, recaps ETFs in the first half of 2019 and looks ahead to the remainder of the year.

July 9th – Matt Hougan, Global Head of Research at Bitwise, offers perspective on bitcoin’s recent price surge and the evolving crypto landscape.  Tyrone Ross, Managing Partner at NobleBridge Wealth Partners, debates the merits of a bitcoin ETF and explains the importance of Facebook’s Libra.

July 16th – Mike Venuto, Co-Founder of Toroso, discusses the investment case for the SoFi Gig Economy ETF (GIGE) and fields rapid-fire ETF questions.  Andrew Chanin, CEO at ProcureAM, spotlights the Procure Space ETF (UFO).

July 23rd – Wes Gray, CEO at Alpha Architect, talks investor behavior and the concept of “no pain, no gain”.  John Reese, Founder of Validea Capital Management, walks through the investment process behind the Validea Market Legends ETF (VALX).

August 6th – Ralph Lehman, details his new book, “The Elusive Trade: How the ETFs Conquered Wall Street”.  Steve Blumenthal, CIO at CMG Capital Management Group, describes the investment rationale for the VanEck Vectors NDR CMG Long/Flat Allocation ETF (LFEQ).

August 13th – Paul Dellaquila, Global Head of ETFs at Defiance ETFs, highlights their lineup of “next generation” thematic ETFs.  Fortune Financial’s Lawrence Hamtil covers a range of investing topics including the merits of equal-weighting, the low volatility factor, and his idea for a new ETF.

August 20th – Cerulli Associates’ Daniil Shapiro discusses the latest research on liquid alternatives and ETFs.  Christian Magoon, CEO at Amplify ETFs, provides an in-depth look at online retail and Amplify’s two online retail ETFs.

August 27th – George Milling-Stanley, Head of Gold Strategy at State Street Global Advisors, offers a comprehensive view of the current gold market and gold ETFs.  Chris Buck, Head of Capital Markets at ROBO Global, spotlights the ROBO Global Healthcare Technology ETF (HTEC).

September 3rd – Eric Balchunas, Senior ETF Analyst at Bloomberg, covers the latest ETF trends, examining investor flows and recent moves by ETF issuers.  Simon Lack, Managing Partner at SL Advisors, talks U.S. energy and the American Energy Independence ETF (USAI).

September 17th – Jillian DelSignore, Head of ETF Distribution at JPMorgan, offers her take on the current financial markets and highlights several JPMorgan ETFs.  CFRA’s Todd Rosenbluth fields rapid-fire ETF questions.

September 24th – Art Amador, COO & Co-Founder of EquBot, explains how artificial intelligence is transforming the investment selection process.  Sam Masucci, CEO of ETF Managers Group discusses several ETFs including the ETFMG Prime Mobile Payments ETF (IPAY) and the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ).

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