Bitcoin ETFs, Direct Indexing, & ESG

ETF Trends’ Lara Crigger examines various theories on why the SEC is delaying bitcoin ETF approval and offers a brief update on the space.  OpenInvest’s Jake Raden discusses the merits of direct indexing and an ESG approach to investing.  HoneyTree’s Liz Simmie explains the importance of integrating ESG data into the investment process and highlights the Canadian ETF landscape.

State Street’s Matt Bartolini on Sector ETFs, Business Cycle

State Street’s Matt Bartolini goes in-depth on what’s driving the divergence in sector ETF flows and performance.’s Drew Voros discusses what’s next for ARK ETFs, along with ETFs covering blockchain, SPACs, and marijuana.  Rayliant’s Jason Hsu spotlights their Quantamental China Equity ETF (RAYC) and outlines the investment case for China.

Jim Atkinson on Making History with First Mutual Fund to ETF Conversion

Guinness Atkinson’s Jim Atkinson offers a behind-the-scenes look at the first-ever mutual fund to ETF conversion and explains the potential impact on the asset management industry.  ETF Stream’s Tom Eckett discusses the European ETF landscape including ESG, bitcoin, thematics, and the non-transparent structure.  Horizon Kinetics’ James Davolos spotlights their Inflation Beneficiaries ETF (INFL), a top-five ETF launch this year.