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Recapping a Wild Month in ETFs: Facts, Myths, & the Unusual   |   March 31st, 2020

Three of the best in the ETF business discuss an eventful month in ETFs.’s Lara Crigger explains the record number of leveraged and inverse ETP closures.  CFRA’s Todd Rosenbluth talks ETF flows, myths, launches, and more.  ETF Flows’ Dave Nadig goes in-depth on bond ETF discounts and the Fed tasking BlackRock with bond ETF purchases.

Biotech Expert Brad Loncar Goes In-Depth on Coronavirus Treatments & Vaccines   |   March 24th, 2020

Biotech expert Brad Loncar explains why COVID-19 should be taken seriously and goes in-depth on the companies rapidly developing treatments and vaccines.’s Drew Voros highlights ETF flows and discusses the Fed’s decision to purchase investment grade corporate bond ETFs.

ETF Legend Reggie Browne On How ETFs Are Handling Market Downturn   |   March 17th, 2020

GTS’ Reggie Browne goes in-depth on ETF trading, liquidity, and market structure during the recent, abrupt downturn.  WisdomTree’s Jeremy Schwartz discusses market and economic impact of the Coronavirus and highlights several ETFs.  North Shore Indices’ Tim Rotolo explains investment case for uranium and the North Shore Global Uranium Mining ETF (URNM).