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ETF Inflows Continue

July 12th, 2011 by ETF Store Staff

Investors keep pouring money into ETFs, with more than $8 billion in new money invested in ETFs and related exchange traded products in June according to National Stock Exchange, Inc. (NSX).  Year-to-date, that figure is now up to a staggering $58 billion, an increase of nearly 47% from the same time period last year.

Total assets in exchange traded products now total nearly $1.1 trillion, a 39% increase compared to assets at the end of June 2010.  With over $1 trillion now invested in ETFs, it’s clear that investors and advisors alike are fully embracing ETFs.  With potential benefits such as lower expense ratios, greater tax efficiency, flexibility and transparency, the strong inflow of assets into ETFs shows no signs of slowing.  And with ETFs making significant inroads into 401k plans, the growth is likely just beginning.