ETF Expert Corner’s Drew Voros on Annual ETF Awards
  |   April 7th, 2020 Editor-In-Chief Drew Voros highlights the winners of the annual ETF awards.

ESG Deep Dive with S&P Dow Jones Indices’ Mona Naqvi
  |   April 7th, 2020

Mona Naqvi, Head of ESG Product Strategy North America at S&P Dow Jones Indices, goes in-depth on ESG investing, including addressing concerns over performance.

SP Funds’ Naushad Virji Spotlights First Suite of Sharia-Compliant ETFs
  |   April 7th, 2020

Naushad Virji, CEO of SP Funds, spotlights the first suite of Sharia-compliant ETFs including their Dow Jones Global Sukuk ETF (SPSK).’s Lara Crigger Explains Spike in Leveraged & Inverse ETP Closures
  |   March 31st, 2020’s Lara Crigger explains the record number of leveraged and inverse ETP closures.

CFRA’s Todd Rosenbluth Talks ETF Flows, Myths, & More
  |   March 31st, 2020

Todd Rosenbluth, Sr. Director of ETF & Mutual Fund Research at CFRA, discusses a wide range of ETF topics, including how ETFs have fared amidst the recent market turmoil.

ETF Expert Dave Nadig Goes In-Depth on Recent Bond ETF Discounts
  |   March 31st, 2020

Dave Nadig, CIO & Director of Research at ETF Trends/ETF Database, goes in-depth on recent bond ETF discounts and offers perspective on the Federal Reserve tasking BlackRock with bond ETF purchases.’s Drew Voros Discusses Fed’s Bond ETF Purchases
  |   March 24th, 2020’s Drew Voros highlights ETF flows and discusses the Fed’s decision to purchase investment grade corporate bond ETFs.

Biotech Expert Brad Loncar Goes In-Depth on Coronavirus Treatments & Vaccines
  |   March 24th, 2020

Brad Loncar, biotech expert and CEO of Loncar Investments, explains why COVID-19 should be taken seriously and goes in-depth on the companies rapidly developing treatments and vaccines.

ETF Legend Reggie Browne on How ETFs Are Handling Market Downturn
  |   March 17th, 2020

Reggie Browne, ETF industry legend and Principal at GTS, goes in-depth on ETF trading, liquidity, and market structure during the recent, abrupt downturn.

WisdomTree’s Jeremy Schwartz Talks Market & Economic Impact of Coronavirus
  |   March 17th, 2020

Jeremy Schwartz, Global Head of Research at WisdomTree, discusses the market and economic impact of the Coronavirus and highlights several ETFs.

North Shore Indices’ Tim Rotolo Spotlights Index Behind Uranium ETF
  |   March 17th, 2020

Tim Rotolo, Founder & CEO of North Shore Indices, explains the investment case for uranium and the North Shore Global Uranium Mining ETF (URNM).’s Drew Voros: ETFs Pass Yet Another Test
  |   March 10th, 2020’s Drew Voros explains how ETFs have handled the recent market volatility.

SS&C ALPS Advisors’ Laton Spahr on Thematic ETFs
  |   March 10th, 2020

Laton Spahr, President of SS&C ALPS Advisors, goes in-depth on thematic investing and highlights several ALPS thematic ETFs.

Global X CIO Jon Maier Explains “Conversational Alpha”, Thematic Investing
  |   March 10th, 2020

Jon Maier, Chief Investment Officer at Global X, explains the concept of “conversational alpha” and the role of thematic ETFs in a portfolio.’s Sumit Roy on Coronavirus Impact
  |   March 3rd, 2020’s Sumit Roy discusses potential economic and market implications of the Coronavirus and highlights recent ETF flows, performance, and trading.

Confluence Analytics’ Conor Platt Discusses ESG Data
  |   March 3rd, 2020

Conor Platt, Founder of Confluence Analytics, offers his unique perspective on ESG data and the future of ESG investing.

Alpha Architect’s Wes Gray Explains White Label ETF Business
  |   March 3rd, 2020

Wes Gray, CEO of Alpha Architect, explains their ETF white-labeling business and also touches on ESG investing.’s Lara Crigger Talks ESG ETF Due Diligence
  |   February 25th, 2020’s Lara Crigger explains the important basics of ESG ETF due diligence and responds to several ESG investing criticisms.

Altruist’s Jason Wenk on RIA Custodian Fees, Transparency, & Technology
  |   February 25th, 2020

Jason Wenk, Founder & CEO of Altruist, goes in-depth on the current RIA custodian landscape including competitive dynamics with firms such as Schwab and Fidelity, along with how the space will evolve moving forward.

Pacific Global’s Tony Dufault Highlights ETF Lineup
  |   February 25th, 2020

Tony Dufault, Managing Director at Pacific Global ETFs, highlights their lineup of income-oriented, actively managed ETFs.’s Drew Voros Weighs-In on Imminent Launch of Non-Transparent ETFs
  |   February 18th, 2020’s Drew Voros weighs-in on the imminent launch of the first non-transparent ETFs and discusses the overall active ETF landscape.

Northern Trust’s Michael Natale on Real Assets, FlexShares ETFs
  |   February 18th, 2020

Michael Natale, Head of Intermediary Distribution at Northern Trust Asset Management, describes the role of real assets in a portfolio and highlights FlexShares ETFs covering natural resources, infrastructure, and real estate.

AlphaClone’s Maz Jadallah Spotlights Alternative Alpha ETF
  |   February 18th, 2020

Maz Jadallah, Founder & CEO of AlphaClone, explains their Alternative Alpha ETF (ALFA) which seeks to mimic top stock picks from the best hedge fund managers.’s Drew Voros Explains Torrid Pace of Bond ETF Inflows
  |   February 11th, 2020’s Drew Voros explains how coronavirus concerns are sparking a flight to safety, with bond ETFs as the recipients.

SPDR’s Matt Bartolini on “Mini-SPY”, SDY, & Active Mutual Funds
  |   February 11th, 2020

Matt Bartolini, Head of SPDR Americas Research, explains State Street’s move to offer a second S&P 500 ETF.  Matt also discusses the recent uproar surrounding the SPDR S&P Dividend ETF and the challenges facing active mutual funds.

Liquid Strategies’ Brad Ball Highlights Overlay Shares ETFs
  |   February 11th, 2020

Brad Ball, CEO of Liquid Strategies, highlights the Overlay Shares lineup of ETFs which utilize a put spread option strategy to generate additional income.’s Drew Voros Discusses January ETF Flows, Launches
  |   February 4th, 2020’s Drew Voros highlights January ETF flows and offers perspective on the slower pace of ETF launches.

FactSet’s Elisabeth Kashner Goes In-Depth on ETF Fee War
  |   February 4th, 2020

Elisabeth Kashner, Director of ETF Research at FactSet, recaps the Inside ETFs conference and goes in-depth on the ETF fee landscape.

Brandometry’s Tony Wenzel Explains Index Behind BVAL
  |   February 4th, 2020

Tony Wenzel, Co-Founder & President of Brandometry, explains the index underlying the Brand Value ETF (BVAL).’s Lara Crigger on BlackRock’s Latest ESG Initiative
  |   January 21st, 2020

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink recently signed two letters outlining how the company intends to help combat climate change.’s Lara Crigger explains why this latest initiative feels different than past promises.

Charles Schwab’s D.J. Tierney Discusses Move to Commission-Free
  |   January 21st, 2020

D.J. Tierney, Managing Director & Sr. Client Portfolio Strategist at Charles Schwab, discusses their move to commission-free trading, recent ETF launches, and the ongoing ETF fee war.

Alexi Panagiotakopoulos Spotlights Net Lease ETF
  |   January 21st, 2020

Alexi Panagiotakopoulos, Co-Founder & Partner of Fundamental Income, spotlights the NETLease Corporate Real Estate ETF (NETL).

Does ETF Size Matter?’s Drew Voros Weighs-In
  |   January 14th, 2020’s Drew Voros discusses whether an ETF’s AUM should matter to investors.

GFM Asset Management’s Tariq Dennison on Emerging Markets, Bitcoin ETF
  |   January 14th, 2020

Tariq Dennison, Director of Cross-Border Wealth at GFM Asset Management, explains the investment case for emerging markets and against a bitcoin ETF.

EventShares’ Ben Phillips Spotlights U.S. Legislative Opportunities ETF
  |   January 14th, 2020

Ben Phillips, Chief Investment Officer at EventShares, spotlights their U.S. Legislative Opportunities ETF (PLCY), along with key government policy issues he’s tracking.’s Drew Voros Recaps 2019 ETF Flows, Looks Ahead to 2020
  |   January 7th, 2020’s Drew Voros highlights 2019 ETF flows and discusses key stories he’s tracking for 2020.

John Swolfs Previews Inside ETFs
  |   January 7th, 2020

John Swolfs, CEO of Inside ETFs, previews the world’s largest ETF conference.

ReSolve’s Adam Butler on Momentum Investing
  |   January 7th, 2020

Adam Butler, CIO at ReSolve Asset Management, spotlights the index behind the Strategy Shares Newfound/ReSolve Robust Momentum ETF (ROMO).