ETF Expert Corner

John Hyland Spotlights United States Oil ETF
  |   December 23rd, 2014

John Hyland, Chief Investment Officer at United States Commodity Funds, spotlights the United States Oil ETF (USO) and offers his perspective on the recent decline in the price of oil.

iShares Head of Fixed Income Strategy on Bonds, Interest Rates
  |   December 9th, 2014

Matt Tucker, Head of Fixed Income Strategy at iShares, offers his perspective on bonds in 2014 and looks ahead to 2015.

Christian Magoon Spotlights High Income and Cyber Security ETFs
  |   November 18th, 2014

Christian Magoon, Founder of YieldShares and CEO of Magoon Capital, offers his ETF “State of the Union” and spotlights the YieldShares High Income ETF (YYY).  Christian, who has been involved in the launch of more than 50 ETFs, also discusses the recently launched PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF (HACK).

StateStreet’s Mazza on Financial Markets, SPDR ETFs
  |   November 4th, 2014

Dave Mazza, Head of Research at StateStreet, talks financial markets, potential impact of midterm congressional elections, and 2014 SPDR ETF flows.  StateStreet is the world’s second largest ETF provider, offering nearly 150 ETFs.

ETF Securities’ Mike McGlone Discusses Precious Metals, Economy
  |   October 21st, 2014

Mike McGlone, U.S. Director of Research at ETF Securities, discusses precious metals and what they may be telling us about the health of the global economy.

Vanguard’s Andrew Patterson Joins Us In Studio
  |   October 14th, 2014

Vanguard Investment Analyst Andrew Patterson joined us in studio to talk investment costs, indexing, Vanguard ETFs, and the current financial markets.

Schwab Managing Director of ETFs on OneSource Platform, Low Cost ETFs
  |   October 7th, 2014

Charles Schwab Managing Director of ETFs, Eric Pollackov, discusses their low cost lineup of ETFs and the recent expansion of the Schwab ETF OneSource platform which now lists 182 commission-free ETFs.

Global Commodity Analyst Matt Smith on Energy, Economy
  |   September 30th, 2014

Matt Smith, Global Commodity Analyst with Schneider Electric and author of Energy Burrito, explains the interplay between energy prices, the global economy, and the financial markets.’s Dave Nadig Talks Actively Managed ETFs
  |   September 9th, 2014

Dave Nadig, Chief Investment Officer at, offers his perspective on the future of actively managed ETFs and what they could mean for you as an investor.

World Gold Council’s Artigas Discusses Current Gold Market Trends
  |   September 2nd, 2014

Juan Carlos Artigas, Director of Investment Research at the World Gold Council, discusses the latest gold supply and demand trends, as well as the relationship between rising interest rates and the price of gold.

Direxion’s Mike Eschmann Spotlights the iBillionaire Index ETF
  |   August 26th, 2014

Mike Eschmann, Sr. Vice President and Head of ETF Sales at Direxion, spotlights the Direxion iBillionaire Index ETF (ticker: IBLN) which seeks to track top stocks picks of some of the country’s most successful investment billionaires.

Hedge Fund & Alternative Strategy ETFs with IndexIQ’s Disano
  |   August 19th, 2014

Kevin DiSano, Executive Vice President at IndexIQ, explains the role of hedge fund and alternative strategy ETFs in an investment portfolio.

Peritus CEO Ron Heller Talks High Yield Bonds, ETFs
  |   July 29th, 2014

The AdvisorShares Peritus High Yield ETF (ticker HYLD) is one of the more popular high yield bond ETFs on the market and recently crossed over $1 billion in assets. Ron Heller, CEO of Peritus Asset Management and manager of HYLD, joined us to discuss this ETF and the current high yield bond market.

Global X CEO Bruno del Ama on Company’s Growth & ETF Innovation
  |   July 22nd, 2014

Global X CEO Bruno del Ama joined The ETF Store Show to discuss his firm’s tremendous growth, several Global X ETFs, and whether U.S. stocks are currently overvalued.

Innovation in Investing with Fantex CEO Buck French
  |   July 15th, 2014

Fantex offers investors the ability to buy tracking stock linked to the future earnings of professional athletes.  Fantex CEO and Co-Founder, Buck French, explains how these securities work.  Similar to how Exchange Traded Funds have helped democratize investing and allowed investors to access previously unavailable asset classes, Fantex is doing the same through their offering.

Finance Expert Victor Ricciardi on Investor Behavior
  |   May 20th, 2014

Victor Ricciardi, behavioral finance expert and author of “Investor Behavior:  The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing”, explains how emotions and psychology influence your investment decisions.