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On our nationally-recognized radio program and podcast, ETF Prime, we interview experts from across the investment landscape including ETF providers, ETF analysts, and other industry thought leaders. Our conversations with these experts can be found below.

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Discussing New ETF Launches with’s Lara Crigger
  |   June 19th, 2018

With more than 110 new ETF launches so far in 2018,’s Lara Crigger highlights several that have caught her attention.

Saba’s Leah Jordan Explains Closed-End Funds, CEFS ETF
  |   June 19th, 2018

Leah Jordan, V.P. of Investor Relations at Saba Capital Management, explains closed-end fund basics and spotlights the Saba Closed-End Funds ETF (CEFS).’s Dave Nadig Discusses Active Equity ETFs
  |   June 12th, 2018’s Dave Nadig offers his perspective on active equity ETFs, including why larger mutual fund companies haven’t launched ETF clones of their flagship active strategies.

Will Rhind Spotlights GraniteShares ETFs
  |   June 12th, 2018

Will Rhind, Founder of GraniteShares, spotlights their suite of ETFs featuring the lowest cost gold, platinum, and broad-based commodity ETFs on the market.’s Dave Nadig on Smart Beta ETFs
  |   June 5th, 2018’s Dave Nadig goes in-depth on smart beta ETFs including how to sort through the growing number of options and using them in a portfolio.