ETF Expert Corner

On our nationally-recognized radio program and podcast, ETF Prime, we interview experts from across the investment landscape including ETF providers, ETF analysts, and other industry thought leaders. Our conversations with these experts can be found below.

Listen to Most Recent Interviews’s Lara Crigger on the Future of ESG ETFs
  |   January 15th, 2019’s Lara Crigger discusses challenges and opportunities facing ESG ETFs and highlights the “World’s Cheapest ESG ETF Portfolio“.

Innovator ETFs CEO Bruce Bond Explains Defined Outcome ETFs
  |   January 15th, 2019

Bruce Bond, CEO of Innovator ETFs, goes in-depth on their lineup of Defined Outcome ETFs.

Sage’s Bob Smith Spotlights ESG Bond ETF
  |   January 15th, 2019

Bob Smith, President & CIO at Sage Advisory, offers his perspective on ESG investing including spotlighting the Sage ESG Intermediate Credit ETF (GUDB).’s Dave Nadig Weighs In on Apple-Heavy ETFs
  |   January 8th, 2019’s Dave Nadig discusses stock ownership concentration in ETFs, focusing on Apple and other FAANG stocks.

Christian Magoon Spotlights Amplify BlackSwan ETF
  |   January 8th, 2019

Amplify ETFs’ Christian Magoon spotlights the BlackSwan Growth & Treasury Core ETF (SWAN), explaining its inner workings and how the ETF might react in different market scenarios.