ETF Expert Corner

On our nationally-recognized radio program and podcast, ETF Prime, we interview experts from across the investment landscape including ETF providers, ETF analysts, and other industry thought leaders. Our conversations with these experts can be found below.

Listen to Most Recent Interviews’s Sumit Roy Discusses Recent Market Turmoil
  |   August 20th, 2019’s Sumit Roy offers perspective on the trade war, yield curve inversion, negative interest rates, gold, & more.

Cerulli’s Daniil Shapiro Goes In-Depth on Alternative Investments
  |   August 20th, 2019

Daniil Shapiro, Associate Director of Product Development at Cerulli Associates, discusses the latest research on alternative investments and provides an overview of the alternative ETF landscape.

Live from Camp Kotok with’s Dave Nadig
  |   August 13th, 2019’s Dave Nadig poses an important question to several Camp Kotok attendees: “What worries you the most that isn’t getting enough attention?”.

Lawrence Hamtil on Sectors, Equal Weighting, ETF Ideas, & More
  |   August 13th, 2019

Fortune Financial’s Lawrence Hamtil discusses the importance of sectors when evaluating markets, the merits of equal weighting, his ideas for new ETFs, and much more.