ETF Expert Corner

On our nationally-recognized radio program and podcast, ETF Prime, we interview experts from across the investment landscape including ETF providers, ETF analysts, and other industry thought leaders. Our conversations with these experts can be found below.

Listen to Most Recent Interviews’s Dave Nadig Discusses IPO ETFs
  |   April 23rd, 2019’s Dave Nadig dives into ETFs offering exposure to newly listed public stocks such as Lyft.

Phil Huber on ETF Due Diligence, Investor Behavior, & More
  |   April 23rd, 2019

Phil Huber, Chief Investment Officer at Huber Financial Advisors, explains his firm’s ETF selection process and discusses everything from ETF fees to investor behavior.

Hoya Capital’s Alex Pettee Spotlights Housing ETF
  |   April 23rd, 2019

Alex Pettee, President & Head of ETFs for Hoya Capital Real Estate, spotlights their recently launched Housing ETF (HOMZ).’s Dave Nadig Talks ETF Flows, Performance, & Launches
  |   April 16th, 2019’s Dave Nadig discusses year-to-date ETF flows, the best and worst performing ETFs of 2019, and several recent launches including SoFi’s “free” ETFs and the Procure Space ETF.

Alpha Architect’s Wes Gray on Closet Indexing, Factor Investing
  |   April 16th, 2019

Wes Gray, CEO at Alpha Architect, explains the issue of closet indexing and offers perspective on how investors should approach factor-focused ETFs.