ETF Expert Corner

On our nationally-recognized podcast, ETF Prime, we interview experts from across the investment landscape including ETF providers, ETF analysts, and other industry thought leaders. Our conversations with these experts can be found below.

Listen to Most Recent Interviews’s Lara Crigger Weighs in on ESG Debate
  |   November 19th, 2019’s Lara Crigger explains the merits of ESG investing and highlights recent flows into ESG ETFs.

YCharts CEO Sean Brown on ETF Due Diligence
  |   November 19th, 2019

YCharts CEO Sean Brown discusses the importance of ETF due diligence and tools available to help.’s Dave Nadig Explains Record Flows into Bond ETFs
  |   November 5th, 2019’s Dave Nadig explains the record flows into bond ETFs and discusses some of the biggest challenges in fixed income investing.

Northern Trust’s Brad Camden Talks High Yield Bonds, HYGV
  |   November 5th, 2019

Brad Camden, Director of Fixed Income Strategy at Northern Trust Asset Management, explains high yield bonds and spotlights the FlexShares High Yield Value Scored Bond Index Fund (HYGV).

Innovation Shares’ Matt Markiewicz Spotlights The Cannabis ETF (THCX)
  |   November 5th, 2019

Innovation Shares’ Matt Markiewicz goes in-depth on cannabis stocks and spotlights The Cannabis ETF (THCX).