ETF Store Staff

Commodities, Proxy Voting, & the BAD ETF

ETF Trends’ Tom Hendrickson offers new insight into advisor usage of commodity ETFs.  Engine No. 1’s Yasmin Dahya Bilger explains how leveraging voting power and actively engaging with companies can drive positive change.  The BAD Investment Company’s Tommy Mancuso spotlights the B.A.D ETF (BAD).


Finra “Complex” ETP Proposal, Crypto ETFs, & Leverage Shares

ETF Trends’ Lara Crigger highlights concerns over Finra’s “complex” product proposal and offers her take on an SEC probe into ETF revenue-sharing practices.  BNY Mellon’s Ben Slavin covers a range of topics including the Finra proposal, Vanguard’s share class patent, mutual fund to ETF conversions, and crypto ETFs.  Leverage Shares’ Oktay Kavrak discusses their unique lineup of leveraged and inverse ETPs.