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VettaFi’s Tom Lydon on ETF Growth, Active Management, & More

VettaFi’s Tom Lydon discusses a new Charles Schwab ETF investor survey, AllianceBernstein’s ETF entrance, the latest SPIVA scorecard, and recent market volatility.  Subversive Capital’s Michael Auerbach spotlights their Metaverse ETF (PUNK) and explains the firm’s unique ETF game plan.


S&P 500 Concentration, Low Volatility ETFs, & ConvexityShares

VettaFi’s Tom Hendrickson discusses advisor concerns regarding the top-heaviness of major indices and highlights ETF segments that stand to benefit including equally-weighted products.  Tom also examines low and minimum volatility ETFs.  MIAX’s Tom Jarck goes in-depth on the recently launched ConvexityShares ETFs, which provide long volatility exposure.