Brian Murray

Understanding Municipal Bonds

“Nothing is certain except for death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin Virtually all investment income outside of a qualified retirement account is taxable, except for income from tax exempt municipal bonds.  Municipal (or “muni” for short) bonds are often overlooked, but can be an excellent cornerstone in taxable fixed income portfolios.  Most investors think of munis as a boring investment found in your grandfather’s portfolio, but there is nothing boring about paying less in taxes than you have to.  A well-crafted muni bond portfolio provides stability, diversity, and tax-exempt income.  Investors in the top three tax brackets who own taxable


Challenges & Opportunities in Fixed Income – An Introduction

A growing number of people are either in or getting close to retirement.  Half of the 73 million baby boomers are 65 or older and the other half will reach that age by 2030.  This is exactly the time people need to increase their allocation to fixed income investments, usually in the form of bonds.  However, the yields paid on bonds are at all-time lows, presenting an enormous challenge.  It may be tempting to simply buy riskier bonds with the highest yields or underweight fixed income altogether and pursue dividend-focused stocks.  These approaches would overlook the importance of a prudent