April 28, 2020

ETF Creation/Redemption Process: Behind the Scenes

The following was authored by Michael Barrer, Senior Associate of Capital Markets at WisdomTree. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) can offer an attractive and efficient way for investors to gain access to all aspects of the marketplace and have greatly leveled the investment landscape in terms of availability to all asset classes and regions. As ETFs continue to grow in assets and scope of coverage, we are often asked these questions: What is an ETF creation or redemption? How does that work? What function does that provide, and does an investor make that decision? Let’s go behind the scenes of the life of


Crude Investment? Oil ETF in Focus

ETF.com’s Lara Crigger explains the recent events surrounding the United States Oil Fund (USO) and why investor education is paramount with futures-based products.  Avantis Investors’ Phil McInnis spotlights their suite of low cost, actively managed ETFs.  Reality Shares’ Eric Ervin discusses the role of alternative investments including the Reality Shares DIVCON Dividend Defender ETF (DFND) and cryptoassets such as bitcoin.