January 14, 2020

ETFs: Does Size Matter?

ETF.com’s Drew Voros discusses whether an ETF’s AUM should matter to investors.  GFM Asset Management’s Tariq Dennison explains the investment case for emerging markets and against a bitcoin ETF.  EventShares’ Ben Phillips spotlights their U.S. Legislative Opportunities ETF (PLCY), along with key government policy issues he’s tracking.


10 Years Older, but 10 Years Wiser

The 2010s marked the first decade since immediately prior to the Civil War that the U.S. economy didn’t suffer at least one recession.  The S&P 500 went the entire decade without experiencing a single 20% drawdown, or bear market.  That hasn’t happened in 120 years! These facts are made even more remarkable when you consider the events of the past ten years:  Greek bailout, U.S. debt downgrade, European sovereign debt crisis, “fiscal cliff”, Cyprus banking crisis, “taper tantrum”, Ebola virus, Syria, Chinese currency devaluation, Brexit, 2016 U.S. Presidential election, trade war, yield curve inversion – to name a few (or