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Listen to our weekly radio show every Tuesday morning from 9 – 10AM CST on ESPN 1510 AM. The ETF Store Show is the first radio program focused solely on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs, which have been called the next generation mutual funds, can help lower your investment costs, reduce your tax bill, and increase your investment options. Learn how to make ETFs a part of your investment portfolio as we spotlight individual ETFs and interview experts from across the country. Featured in national publications such as Money Magazine and Bloomberg, The ETF Store Show can help put you on the path towards financial success!

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Best of The ETF Store Show   |   May 26th, 2015

We revisit some of our favorite guest interviews from the first part of 2015 including StateStreet’s George Milling-Stanley on gold and gold ETFs, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management’s Dodd Kittsley on currency hedged ETFs, and award-winning author Gary Antonacci on investment costs and active management.

Are You Trading Too Much?   |   May 19th, 2015

Investor trading activity has grown significantly since the 1990s.  We discuss the reasons why and offer some good rules of thumb for trading in your own account.  Brandon Rakszawski, Product Manager at Van Eck Global, also spotlights the Market Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETF (ticker MOAT).

We Answer Your ETF Questions   |   May 12th, 2015

We answer your ETF questions on topics including ETFs in 401ks and how stock ETFs pay dividends.  We also spotlight the newly launched US Global Jets ETF (ticker: JETS).

As ETFs Hit Key Milestones, Investors Win   |   May 5th, 2015

ETFs recently hit a noteworthy milestone and are set to achieve another important milestone this quarter.  Nate & Conor discuss how as ETFs continue their tremendous growth, it’s investors who win.  Bryce Doty, Senior Portfolio Manager at Sit Investment Associates, also spotlights the Sit Rising Rate ETF (ticker RISE).

BlackRock’s Richardson Discusses Impact of Stronger Dollar, Role of Currency-Hedged ETFs   |   April 28th, 2015

Heidi Richardson, Global Investment Strategist at BlackRock, discusses the impact of a stronger dollar on key markets around the world and explains where currency-hedged ETFs might fit in your portfolio.  Nate and Jason also examine a recent survey from Deutsche Bank, which maps the prices of goods and services in different countries.