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Listen to our weekly radio show every Tuesday afternoon from 3 – 4pm CST on ESPN 1510 AM. The ETF Store Show is the first radio program focused solely on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs, which have been called the next generation mutual funds, can help lower your investment costs, reduce your tax bill, and increase your investment options. Learn how to make ETFs a part of your investment portfolio as we spotlight individual ETFs and interview experts from across the country. Featured in national publications such as Money Magazine and Bloomberg, The ETF Store Show can help put you on the path towards financial success!

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Alpha Architect’s Jack Vogel on New Book “DIY Financial Advisor”   |   November 24th, 2015

Alpha Architect’s Jack Vogel, one of the authors of “DIY Financial Advisor“, discusses key investor takeaways from his new book including why you should be wary of “investment experts”.  Nate & Jason also spotlight the ValueShares International Quantitative Value ETF (ticker IVAL).

Vanguard’s Ed Saracino Discusses Bond Market, Bond ETFs   |   November 17th, 2015

Ed Saracino, Senior Investment Analyst at Vanguard, discusses navigating bonds in today’s challenging environment and also spotlights several Vanguard bond ETFs.  Nate & Conor explain the differences between investing in individual bonds, bond mutual funds, and bond ETFs.

We Answer Your ETF Questions   |   November 10th, 2015

We answer your ETF questions including on ‘ETFs of ETFs’ and low volatility ETFs.  Neil Macneale, owner of the 2-for-1 Index which powers the USCF Stock Split ETF (TOFR), explains stock splits and why he believes investors can benefit from them.

Most Important ETFs   |   November 3rd, 2015

Leading ETF research firm recently published a list of the 15 most important ETFs.  Nate & Jason discuss these ETF industry game changers.  Kevin Kelly, Chief Investment Officer at Recon Capital Partners, also spotlights the NASDAQ 100 Covered Call ETF (QYLD).

Here Come the Millennials   |   October 27th, 2015

Mike Savage, Managing Director & Portfolio Strategist at Charles Schwab, joins us in studio to discuss the unique behaviors of Millennial investors, including why Millennials view ETFs as the future building blocks of portfolios.  Nate and Jason also offer five ETFs for Millennial investors to consider.