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Listen to our weekly radio show every Tuesday afternoon from 3 – 4pm CST on ESPN 1510 AM. The ETF Store Show is the first radio program focused solely on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs, which have been called the next generation mutual funds, can help lower your investment costs, reduce your tax bill, and increase your investment options. Learn how to make ETFs a part of your investment portfolio as we spotlight individual ETFs and interview experts from across the country. Featured in national publications such as Money Magazine and Bloomberg, The ETF Store Show can help put you on the path towards financial success!

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With Cash Outperforming Stocks & Bonds, Where Do You Turn?   |   September 29th, 2015

With cash outperforming both stocks and bonds for the first time since 1990, we continue last week’s conversation on the merits of alternative investment options.  Plus, IndexIQ’s Executive V.P. & Chief Portfolio Strategist, Kevin DiSano, spotlights hedge fund replication and currency hedged ETFs.

Are You Really Diversified?   |   September 22nd, 2015

We explain what the weather in Miami has to do with your investment portfolio and why proper diversification is critical in today’s markets.  Simeon Hyman, Head of Investment Strategy at ProShares, also discusses the importance of alternative investments and spotlights several ProShares ETFs.

ETF Trading, Oil ETFs, & More   |   September 8th, 2015

We answer your questions on ETFs and investing.  Topics include recent ETF trading issues, oil ETFs, and mutual fund cash drag.  Nate & Conor also spotlight the popular iPath S&P 500 VIX Short Term Futures ETN (VXX), a product most investors would be well-advised to steer clear from.

Should You Own Gold in Your Portfolio?   |   September 1st, 2015

With volatility returning to the financial markets, gold has been thrust back into the spotlight.  Juan Carlos Artigas, Director of Investment Research at the World Gold Council, joins us to discuss whether gold makes sense for long-term investors and offer his perspective on the current gold market.  Nate & Conor also highlight several gold-related ETFs.