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What Makes ETFs Tax Efficient?

The following was authored by Paige Corbin, Capital Markets Associate with WisdomTree. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have many benefits that have caused them to expand in terms of assets and offerings over the past decade. In the United States alone, the ETF industry has grown to over $2.7 trillion in assets.1 Not only are ETFs typically low […]

The Conventional Wisdom of Active Management

The following was authored by Chris Tidmore, CFA, is a senior investment strategist in Vanguard Investment Strategy Group. Last year, I ran a seven-day race in the Sahara Desert. The second most-common question I got about the race was, “How did you get all the water you needed?” (The most common question was “Why—are you crazy?!”) […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Advisor About ETFs

The following was authored by Hollie Fagan, Head of BlackRock’s Registered Investment Advisor business. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have joined mutual funds and individual stocks as mainstream investment tools, and their popularity is only growing. The past year saw record flows into stock and bond ETFs. Today, one in four U.S. investors owns ETFs, according to […]

The Simple, Straightforward, and Nearly Foolproof Approach to Investing

The following was authored by Bill McNabb, chairman and chief executive officer of Vanguard. If you think you’ve had reason to feel uneasy about the investment environ­ment lately, you’re not imagining things. In just the past few months, we’ve seen economic uncertainty, intense political polarization, and super-low bond yields. Yet at the same time, the stock […]

Enemies of Investment Sucess

The following was authored by Fran Kinniry, head of portfolio construction in Vanguard’s Investment Strategy Group. I will not make you wait for my thesis: Intuition and nostalgia are enemies of your investment success. For your benefit, you should shun investment choices based on intuition and nostalgia and look for opportunities to replace them with sound […]

How Do Negative Interest Rates Work?

The following was authored by Matt Tucker, Head of iShares Americas Fixed Income Strategy. There is a lot of confusion surrounding negative interest rates. Matt breaks it down and explains what going negative really means. Today I am taking a brief detour from writing about the different international bond markets. Instead, my focus is on something […]

First, Do No Harm

The following was authored by Donald Bennyhoff, senior investment analyst in Vanguard Investment Strategy Group. On my computer monitor, I have taped a small piece of paper with the words primum non nocere. It’s Latin—a “dead” language that pervades modern life—for “first, do no harm.” The underpinnings of the Hippocratic oath, it is as applicable to […]

3 Tax Things to Consider for Your Investment Portfolio

The following was authored by Heather Pelant, Head of BlackRock Personal Investing. Somewhere between a root canal and a trip to Hawaii lies doing our taxes. However, I find this to be an opportune time to reflect across all your financials. As of March 11 this income tax season, the IRS has already received over 74 million returns […]

The Dynamics of Liquidity and Investing

BlackRock’s Matt Tucker explains the concept of liquidity and sheds some light on the dynamics of liquidity and exchange traded funds: I’ve been getting questions recently about liquidity, specifically in the context of exchange traded funds (ETFs). Liquidity is a hot topic in financial markets these days, so let’s spend a little time going over it. […]

Taking Advantage of Tax Loss Harvesting with ETFs

The following was authored by WisdomTreeETFs. For financial advisors, this is the time of the year to talk taxes with their clients, especially if they have capital gains. Investors may be unaware that their mutual funds can have capital gains—even when the market is down. In fact, even when a mutual fund’s NAV is down, it […]